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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monk of the Month

Your comments,
tips and prognostications.


Charles Longfellow said...

a bit of a departure this month. I am going to refrain from posting with such frequency, in the hope that more comments will be left HERE. What are you trading and why?

Charles Longfellow said...
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fornow said...

And why would posting less cause more comments? I don't find much logic in interest or response. I see links showing up in unexpected places. Most readers don't comment, partly because you have to be a blogger to comment. So its a sort of closed loop.

My Monk of the month would be MonkeMail

Charles Longfellow said...

Question: what is the best long term investment over the next 10 years?
1. Real Estate
2. Gold and Silver
3. Currency, (dollars, euros or other)
4. Stocks
5. Bonds

May 3, 2008 2:06 PM

fornow said...

BTW - I post because I feel motivated to or in response to other stuff. If people read it - Bonus! (laughs)

fornow said...

But always diversify. Owning your home is good.
Bonds are relative to currency and currency may be very volatile for a bit. The rules are changing.

fornow said...

You also may find that because comments are not displayed by default, lots of comments don't get read. You may find, for example, your opening comment and follow up question would be better as blog posts than comments.

Charles Longfellow said...

Clearly, the best investment is philanthropy. Working backwards from there, we have wealth preservation, wealth creation, surviving, making do with what one has, etc.

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