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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Monk of the Month

Your comments,
tips and prognostications.

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Charles Longfellow said...

The monk needs to know!
Trade of the month is actually two funds.
Tickers: BEARX and PSAFX
Leave your comments here for discussion/debate. The monk's
rating for both of these is:

Rebecca Wilder said...

NO tips on trades. But I do have a tip on the economy: there is a lot of bad news out there that has not even posted yet. Although the stimulus bill will offset slightly (very slightly) some of the restrictive measures that have yet to come from state budgets, the next shoe to drop is at the state and local level. It has only just begun- cutting spending, cutting jobs, cut, cut, cut.


Charles Longfellow said...

Economy does tip the trade.
The ticker BEARX stands for
Federated Prudent Bear A
Thanks for your comment RW.

Rebecca Wilder said...

I will be watching the leading indicator survey reports - ISM pmi, ISM services, NAHB, Consumer confidence/sentiment - to find some indication of economic stabilization, although that is likely still a ways off. But I do hear that there is some thaw in credit markets - even some new issue.


fornow said...

Monk of the Month in my books:
"The Monkey in me, just makes me wanna do it" from the flick Star Struck

Interesting news on the intelligence front - Monkeys can beat humans at some kinds of puzzles.

news piece:

More detail:

Ah, but did they give the University students treats? Was it a fair contest?

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